Elizabeth's Teaching

References: "Liz Vivion can make a difference in many young lives. I am grateful and honored that she has chosen the teaching profession" -Michael Bilski, 2005

"Being a full-time principal for over 20 years, I have seldom come across a teacher with such commitment and dedication to working with middle school aged children"-Ed Bower, Principal, Trinity Lutheran School, 2009

"Her love of her subject area allows her to present the concepts and materials to students in a way that gets their attention and helps them retain information. She explores creative ways to motivate students and build relationships with them beyond the classroom"- LaRhonda Steward, Head of School, Milwaukee Renaissance Academy, 2011  

"It is without any reservation that I highly recommend Liz Vivion to any school. She is self confident and ready to serve as a mentor for new teachers"-Dorothea Fitzgerald, Dolton West School District, 148, 2007

 "Her respect for the students as individuals, her gentle humor, and openness have fostered a classroom community of respect, support, and engaging discussion. Liz demands quality work from all her students, and she offers the teaching and help each of them needs to produce it"-Michael Bilski, Field School, 2005

"Seasoned teachers frequently turn to Liz for advice because she has fresh new ideas and is always willing to help others"-Dorothea Fitzgerald, Dolton West School District, 148, 2007

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